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Head of department: Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld

M.A advisor: Prof. Giddon Ticotsky

B.A advisor: Dr. Dudu Rotman

Departmental Secretariat: Iris Pereg





Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld

Department Chairperson
Professor of Hebrew Literature

Research interests: Modern Hebrew Poetry, S. J. Agnon's oeuvre, H. N. Bialik's oeuvre, The concept of place in Hebrew literature, Music and Poetry.

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Reaserch directions: Locality in Modern Hebrew culture, The tragic mode  in  S. J. Agnon's oeuvre.

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Dr. Yehoshua Granat


Researches Hebrew verse of Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the early modern era, liturgical poetry (Piyyut) as well as secular poetry.

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He teaches courses at all levels on various subjects related to this field, and serves as an advisor for B.A. students at the department of Hebrew literature. Dr. Granat also serves as the head of the Program in Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University.

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Dr. Matti Huss

Senior Lecturer
Humanities Building, Room 6303. Office Hours: Monday, 9:30-10:30

Research topics: Hebrew poetry of the Spanish Moslem and Christian era, Medieval rhymed narratives, Allegory in Medieval Hebrew literature, Gender in Medieval Hebrew Literature

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, the concept of fiction in Medieval Hebrew Literature.

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Dr. Gila Vachman

Humanities Building, Room 5127. Office Hours: By appointment

Midrash and Aggada researcher, teaches at the Hebrew University and at Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies  Holds a PhD from the Hebrew University (2009).

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 Her dissertation deals with a Midrashic work from the Tanhuma-Yelamdenu Genre.

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