Prof. Aminadav Dykman

Aminadav Dykman


Aminadav Dykman first read Classics at Tel-Aviv University, then went on to study in Geneva, Switzerland, where he studied Russian Literature and Comparative Literature. His PhD thesis dealt with the Psalms in Russian poetry. He later taught Hebrew and Comparative Literature at Penn State University, and in 2002 joined the staff of the Departments of Comparative Literature and Hebrew Literature at HU, where he also heads the Programm of Translation Studies. His areas of specialization include the history and theory of translation, Hebrew and Eropean poetry (Greek, Latin, French, Russian, and more). He has published 12 books, among them a book of essays and literary studies, annotated translations of Ovid, an anthology of Baroque poetry, an anthology of French Rennaisance poetry, and recently an anthology of Medieval Latin verse. Dykman is a fellow of the Academy of Hebrew Language, and laureate of the Tchernichowsky Prize for Translation, The Ben-Yehudah Prize for Hebrew, and the Prime Minister’s Prize for translation.